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Welcome to Blatino Oasis

Palm Springs, California is a legendary tropical desert oasis getaway to Hollywood's biggest stars, located in the Sonoran Desert, just two hours from Los Angeles. Palm Springs is a city where almost half the population is gay (the last 4 Mayors have been gay and one of them is black), a city that made history as the world's first LGBTQ led government and a place that is safer than most American and international destinations. Calling Palm Springs "sunny" is an understatement, the sun shines in this desert oasis more than 350 days a year!

We started Blatino Oasis in 2007, as a gay and bisexual men of color retreat, far from urban life, yet filled with all of the amenities a man could need from numerous luxury hotels to clothing optional resorts. In 2011, the Mayor of Palm Springs presented Blatino Oasis with a proclamation of recognition!
Over the years, Blatino Oasis has become California's largest gay/bi men of color annual getaway, attracting over a thousand men from around the world.


We come together annually, to reconnect with old friends and to make new friends, in the beautifully scenic, upscale, super gay friendly, relaxing and fun vibe of Palm Springs.

If this will be your first trip to Palm Springs, we ask that you come with an open-mind. Leave your work and worries behind and prepare to enjoy Blatino Oasis at the level that feels most comfortable to you. No pressure just pleasure. In the spirit of those dreamers that came before us, we hope that our California dream will be your reality.

Thank you in advance for your support and we will see you in sexy and sunny Palm Springs!


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