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Blatino Oasis is a men of color created and owned retreat event (not a pride event or circuit party).  Our event was started in 2007 and is held annually in Palm Springs, California. Blatino Oasis offers activities and events, tailored towards men of color who identify as gay, queer, SGL, bi, pan, trans, to provide us with a safe, stigma free, relaxing, sex positive, culturally engaging, fun and self-care focused, travel destination. The Blatino Oasis retreat allows men of color to party, relax, enjoy one another's company, recover from the stresses of life and bond, in the beautiful, sexy, very gay/queer friendly and legendary, Hollywood getaway to the stars.

Click here to see video and images from past events. This year's event will take place May 2-5, 2024.



Adult (18+) men of color (mostly Black/African American/African & Latino/Latinx/Afro Latinx), ages 18+ to 80+ and of all body types. Men from other ethnic groups also attend and are welcome!


All events at Blatino Oasis are 18+ except nightclubs which are 21 and over.


Blatino Oasis was created to be a safe space for queer and trans men of color. We ask that women who may attend, only attend those events held outside of the clothing optional hotels. Events at our clothing optional locations are specifically designed for men who are seeking to be nude and wish to socialize with gay, bisexual, pansexual, trans men, in a clothing optional environment. This is consistent with policies in Palm Springs regarding women only, clothing optional hotels that do not allow male nudist as guest on property.  Again, women are welcome to attend all events except those held at the Clothing Optional Hotels.



Your air travel cost are dependent on where you live (East Coast/West Coast, South etc.) and when you decide to purchase your ticket. This is up to you and the airlines. The longer you wait and the closer you get to the event, the higher the prices will be. We can only advise that the sooner you purchase your ticket(s), the less the cost. Click here to book your flight. For Palm Springs air carriers Click here.

Screenshot 2023-02-12 162244.png

Southern California (SOCAL)
Driving From Los Angeles, San Diego, or Long Beach, is a quick 2 hours or less (longer if you plan to leave L.A.

Friday during commute hours). 

L.A., travelers can also take METRO LINK & the Amtrak Train for about $40 or less each way from the LAX Union Station or Westwood UCLA Station. You can also take the new Metro Link Bus ($34 each way) from Los Angeles, directly into Palm Springs click here to purchase pass. FIX Bus is another affordable option.

Northern California (NORCAL)

We recommend that Northern California travelers choose the 40 minutes flight from the Bay and all points north to Palm Springs. However, if you decide to drive, it will take approximately 7 hours to get to Palm Springs. Bay Area attendees will find the best way to Palm Springs is via direct flights from Oakland (on southwest air) or direct from San Francisco with great deals on Frontiers, Delta, Alaska, or United.  Make your reservations early or your ticket from Northern California can be pricey. 


Note To Last Minute Travelers From Northern Cali: Just in case you are a last minute type of guy, and all flights into the city of Palm Springs are sold out or way too expensive, you can also fly into Los Angeles and then drive (2hrs) to Palm Springs Or for a closer drive to Palm Springs, try flying into Ontario California (Southwest or see Kayak) and catch a shuttle bus or rent a car and drive (about 45 minutes) to Palm Springs. Also, for people who don't mind a little longer, but extremely affordable bus ride (as low as $27 each way) from various locations out west, try the new FIX BUS to LA and then take the LAX Union Train Station to Palm Springs.



Our first recommendation, particularly for attendees from outside of California, is to get some rest prior to coming to Palm Springs. Your flight can be 5 hours or longer, depending on where you are traveling from. So get some good rest the day before if you can. Better yet, plan your trip so that you arrive on Thursday and leave on Monday to fully enjoy your California vacation.

We also recommend that you all fly directly into Palm Springs (preferably during daylight) to get the full dramatic effect of the desert's beauty. If you are a last minute type of guy, and find that flights directly into Palm Springs are sold out or the ticket prices are high, another option is to fly into Ontario California and catch a shuttle bus to Palm Springs or rent a car which is a quick 45 minute drive to Palm Springs.​ If you decide to fly into Los Angeles to drive to Palm Springs, your travel time will be much longer, especially due to rush hour traffic. 


Screenshot 2023-02-12 164246.png

If you plan to only bring a carry-on, please be aware of carry-on fluid requirements to include the size of containers with fluids in them i.e. bottles of cologne, lotion, toothpaste and the requirement that these containers be able to fit in a clear zip lock bag. Click here for Transportation Security Administration (TSA) travel requirements.

Blatino Oasis offers multiple hotel suggestions. Our main event and host hotel, Canyon Club, is a clothing optional, boutique style hotel. We choose a clothing optional hotel for our host hotel each year for their uniqueness as private, gay owned nudist hotels, an experience that is rare in America. However, we also recommend other types of hotels as well. Hotel prices in Palm Springs during September can range from $100 per night to as high as you can imagine. See the hotels tab above to choose your hotel today! Your hotel cost are not included in your event pass. Click here to see our list of hotel recommendations.  We do not offer all-inclusive packages that include hotels.

Event passes offer access to all official Blatino Oasis events. All events will be added to the events page as we get closer to the event date. Purchasing a pass is convenient and a lot safer than carrying cash to access each event. 
The pass fees help us pay the production cost associated with holding the Blatino Oasis event here in Palm Springs, California. In fact, our weekend pass fees are lower than any other event of our size and type in Palm Springs. Click here to purchase your event pass(es).
Canyon Club Resident Pass:

The people who are able to secure a room at the Canyon Club hotel still must purchase a resident pass. However, Canyon Club residents receive a discount on their passes for securing their room at the main event hotel. Per our website, the $100 resident passes are only for people who have secured a room in their name and are actually staying on property at the Canyon Club Hotel. A resident pass must be purchased for you and anyone who is staying in the room with you on property. 

For Canyon Club Hotel Residents, Blatino Oasis charges a "Resident Event Fee" for each resident of the Canyon Club hotel. Some of our main events are at the hotel. We charge each Canyon Club resident, a minimum $100 fee, to cover the cost of events produced on site over the weekend. We remind all individuals who plan to reserve a room at the main event hotel, that just because you are a resident, this does not mean that our onsite events are free for you. Please see pass purchase page to purchase your resident pass.  If you do not want to pay this fee, please do not reserve a room at the Canyon Club hotel.

Weekend Pass:

The weekend pass is for people who have not secured a room at the Cayon Club property and want the convenience of knowing that their event access cost are all covered. It is also a safer option than carrying cash for entry to every event.
Passholders will also receive priority entrance to venue sites. Each year prior to our event, we compare the passes to the names on the hotel manifest. If someone mistakenly purchases a resident pass who is not on the Canon Club Hotel manifest, they will be contacted to pay the difference.

​We encourage all attendees to purchase their weekend passes early. Click here to purchase your event pass(es)
image (5).webp


All passes are via e-pass, however, you will also receive a physical pass and badge as well. All passes and badges are available for pick up starting on Thursday, between 12pm-6pm and at our welcome reception on Friday, (see event page tab above for time and location). If you are unable to make it to the reception, your pass will be available for pickup at the Canyon Club hotel all weekend. Be prepared to show your I.D. and e-pass for confirmation. You may show us your confirmation either in print or digital form (on your phone) just in case there are any issues.​ It is recommended that you come in on Thursday to become acclimated to the desert and to rest up before the weekend officially begins. 

What Is Included With My Pass?
Your pass provides access to the Canyon Club event hotel all weekend  September 12-15, 2024.

Do I Have To Stay At One Of the Hotels or  Purchase A Event Pass To Attend Blatino Oasis?

No. You can also pay per event, however, door cost won't be cheap ($30-$50 per event). Passes are primarily for individuals who prefer the convenience of knowing that their event access is paid for in advance. The cost overall for the weekend pass is less than a per event purchase. Click here to purchase your weekend pass now. .

JasNewsSW_5257-1 jason newsome pool best 4x6sw.jpg
Screenshot 2023-09-28 184914.png
For All Pass Purchases for BLATINO OASIS 2024:
After purchase, refunds will not be valid or honored if you decide not to attend or if you fail to show-up for the event. See the pass purchase page for more details regarding refunds. Blatino Oasis will, however, allow confirmed, unused passes to be used for the following year. In order to use an unused pass, please contact the producer at
While Palm Springs has been the playground of Hollywood's rich and famous for decades, you'll find national fast food chains as well as reasonably priced restaurants to balance out the big-ticket spending you can do in the city's gourmet eateries. And throughout downtown and the Palm Springs area, you can find some of the most amazing shopping outlets with everything from Guess to Gucci. You can also find every type of lodging under the sun in Palm Springs, from budget rooms to sky's-the-limit priced suites . However, for the gay male, clothing optional resort experience, we  recommend that you lodge at the suggested resorts on our hotels page. Click here for resort recommendations.
In addition to our events, visitors will also be able to shop along beautiful ​Palm Canyon Drive, or at upscale outletsdine at world class restaurants, see Vegas style shows, gamble at the Spa Resort Casino downtown or  Fantasy Casino,  take a tram ride to the top of southern California's highest peak, go ​horse back riding​, take a balloon ride or take a celebrity home tour and so much more!
See the bottom of our event page for links to things to do in Palm Springs. Click here.
​How should I dress? Comfortable and Casual. Palm Springs has a very warm to hot dry climate year-round so pack light. Palm Springs is a one bag trip. There really is no need for any heavy clothing in this desert oasis. However, you should pack one light jacket, sweater or hoodie, just in case you take a trip to the top of Mount San Jacincto (elevation 8,516 ft.) because the temperature will be significantly cooler on the mountain top . Typically during the early Fall months, the absence of humidity provides a comfortable dry heat. Very light casual clothing, thin pant, shorts or bathing trunks are recommended. Nudity, at our clothing optional hotels is also encouraged.

​​​The year-round average daytime temperature is 87 degrees, and Palm Springs prides itself on having 350 humidity-free days of sunshine annually.

You  must use a sun screen to protect your skin whether you plan to hang out in the sun a lot or not. The desert sun does not care if you are light or dark skin, it will burn you. Do not use cocoa butter as a sun screen, unless it includes an SPF of at least 15. Vaseline should never be used on your skin during the daytime period in the desert sun!
The sun protection factor or "SPF" of a sunscreen indicates the time period you can stay in the sun without burning based on your skin complexion.

See this article on SPF for dark skin Click Here!

Note: Reapply sunscreen often, especially after swimming or sweating.

Alcohol is no substitute for water! Often at vacation events, people tend to drink a lot of alcohol beverages but very little water. Beware though, the dry heat of the desert (with little or no humidity) will easily dehydrate you, so drink lots of water. Temperatures in Palm Springs can range from 70 degrees at night to the mid 90's+ during the day, typical desert weather. The daytime heat is why private clothing optional resorts and spas abound in this desert Oasis. So please be careful.

Screenshot 2023-02-12 184023.png
eddie_and_tysonraw.JPG 2013-9-10-2:16:47

Sexual health is a state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. It requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safer sexual experiences, free of coercion, discrimination and violence.  At Blatino Oasis, we strive for a stigma free, sex positive atmosphere. We encourage attendees who plan to attend Blatino Oasis to test for sexually transmitted infections (STI's) prior to visiting Palm Springs and before or after you leave.  Exposing others to STI's is not a good sexual health practice, so it is important that you test for STI's before coming so that you can be properly treated. DAP Health  in Palm Springs has been our partner for over a decade and offers a variety of STI testing and treatment options. For those concerned about being exposed to HIV during their stay, we recommend that you enroll in a PEP/PrEP or PrEP program offered by our partner Q-CareQ-care also offers testing and treatment in the comfort of your home.

MPOX (monkeypox)
is not gone so please get vaccinated today. Learn more.

Please test, get vaccinated, or use PrEP if you plan to have sex while in Palm Springs. Test for STI's before arriving and while in Palm Springs, by clicking here.

Play Safe!

If you are in recovery and looking for support groups to maintain your sobriety while you are at Blatino Oasis, please click here to see a list of sobriety groups in the Palm Springs area.


​Palm Springs is a very compact city with plenty of free street parking throughout.



For those of you who already have the UBER or LYFT apps, you're good and for those that don't, you might want to download one or both today!

(click here), gas won't be a problem because you could drive to everything over the weekend and still have a half a tank of gas left or more, that's just how close everything is. Click here.




Desert City Cab 760-328-2227 


A fun way to get around the desert! Click here for details.


The Sun Bus also runs along the strip and is a good affordable option as well. Just $1.00 each way or $3.00 for an all day pass. Medicare or ADA card .50 cents each way or $1.50 for day Pass. Click here for info and schedules.


Blatino Oasis is aware that technology has made it very difficult to prevent video recording. However, we ask that attendees not record nudity of non-performing or non-entertainer nudity. Blatino Oasis has our own team of photographers and videographers for this event. We appreciate your cooperation.


No place is completely safe from people who have issues with LGBTQ people. You should always be aware of your surroundings, your possessions, and of people you barely know, no matter how nice they seem. That said, Palm Springs is safer than most U.S. cities and queerer! The city of Palm Springs, elected America's first out black gay mayor in 2003, and in 2017, elected the world's first all LGBTQ city government.  Over half of the city's residents are LGBTQ. ​

Safety from our perspective ranges from not driving while drunk or high, to practicing safer sex. You should also be aware of your surroundings and be cautious of people you don't know well. It is easy to be a victim of theft during events like ours, so be careful to lock your valuables up before cruising. If you are drinking alcohol, please be aware of your drink. Keep your drink close and monitor it at all times. You never know when a person might put something in your drink, in order to take advantage of you. If you use drugs, please use test strips to test your drug of choice. The drugs you are using might be laced with fentanyl or other dangerous drugs. Please practice harm reduction while at Blatino Oasis. See our sexual health recommendations above as well. 

We encourage all attendees to enjoy themselves responsibly.


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